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A survey exploring the development needs of advanced clinical practitioners

The survey received 36 completed responses. There were five incomplete responses with data for the development of clinical and management competencies, but not research or education competencies,...

The evolution of the journal club: using a peer-learning approach to increase research confidence

Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) employs over 180 qualified and trainee ACPs. Within NUH, there had been feedback that although trainee ACPs had a clear training structure and programme, upon...

A review of nurse independent prescribers: experiences, barriers and facilitators in palliative care

The overall objective of this survey was to explore the experiences of NIPs working across both primary and secondary palliative care settings. The author sought to:.

Initiating end-of-life care

EOLC has undergone significant changes over the past century. Palliative care and EOLC first emerged in the 1960s, with the introduction of hospice care programmes, although palliative care was not...

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