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The evolution of the journal club: using a peer-learning approach to increase research confidence

Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) employs over 180 qualified and trainee ACPs. Within NUH, there had been feedback that although trainee ACPs had a clear training structure and programme, upon...

A review of nurse independent prescribers: experiences, barriers and facilitators in palliative care

The overall objective of this survey was to explore the experiences of NIPs...

Initiating end-of-life care

EOLC has undergone significant changes over the past century. Palliative care and EOLC first emerged in the 1960s, with the introduction of hospice care programmes, although palliative care was not...

Long Covid, a contemporary sequela: considerations for advanced clinical practice

LC comprises of symptomatic COVID-19 (which, by definition, is from 4 to 12 weeks after acute infection) and post-COVID-19 syndrome (which occurs from 12 weeks or more after acute infection) (National...

Leadership and management in healthcare: using theory to motivate staff to achieve organisational goals

The terms ‘management’ and ‘leadership’ continue to stir up debate in the academic fields of all professions. There is a copious amount of literature available to read, the majority of which is based...

The Advanced Clinical Practice Integrated Degree Apprenticeship end point assessment: history, challenges and implementation

The MSc is assessed through the successful achievement of 180 level 7 academic credits, 20 of which are for the assessment of the apprenticeship, which is conducted through the compulsory end point...

The advanced practitioner and universal health coverage

Universal health coverage (UHC) is a concept that refers to the notion of guaranteeing everyone has access to essential health services—such as health promotion, disease prevention, treatment,...

Advanced clinical practitioners and the research pillar

As discussed previously, advanced clinical practice was recognised in the NHS Long Term Plan (NHS England and NHS Improvement, 2019) as being central to transforming service delivery and meeting local...

Community paramedic practice: an Australian perspective

‘A paramedic who uses an expanded skill set and scope, which addresses the health care needs of people in their homes or community. They are integrated within interdisciplinary healthcare teams with...

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Advanced practice in Scotland

In 2017, the ‘Transforming Roles’ (TR) programme was introduced in Scotland. The programme initially focused on advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs) and aimed to support role development. Its impact...

Progressing advanced practice: innovations in partnership

The Centre for Advancing Practice team discussed the journey since the publication of HEE's Multi-Professional Framework for advanced clinical practice in England (2017), which highlighted the four...

A survey exploring the development needs of advanced clinical practitioners

The survey received 36 completed responses. There were five incomplete responses with data for the development of clinical and management competencies, but not research or education competencies,...

Advancing practice: a legacy of innovation

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the International Journal for Advancing Practice. We are so pleased to have this journal in place to enable the advanced practice community to share and celebrate...

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Advance practice nursing: a Canadian perspective

Many registered nurses (RNs) in Canada pursue advanced education to become the experts, leaders and change agents needed in the Canadian healthcare system. Referred to as advanced practice nurses...

Centre for Advancing Practice Conference 2022 abstracts

In November 2022, Health Education England held a conference for advancing practice. Below are a sample of the abstracts submitted.

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